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Professional Brand Strategy and Creative Services.

Located in Salem, MA.


I'm Lauren.

Dedicated, proactive, and meticulously organized meets creative, energetic, and outgoing. An artist at heart, adding spirit and passion to strategic thinking. The ultimate left brain / right brain unicorn.


Self-starter. Brand-builder. Noise-maker.

Brand Marketing and Design Expert with 18+ Years of Professional Experience.

Primary Services


Consumer, Product, and Brand Marketing


Content, Creative, and Design Work


Commissionable Art and Illustration

What People Say

Lauren has one of the most impressive minds for detail, structure, and organization I have ever come across. This served her incredibly well both as a designer and as a design manager. She, in fact, was the heart and soul of our design unit. Her personal style is dramatic, but don't ever doubt that you are dealing with someone who thinks fast, acts quickly and decisively, and will be a great asset to any team. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a hard working, diligent, creative mind wrapped up in a spark plug personality.

Adam Petrick
Global Brand Marketing Director at PUMA

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